Cinco de Mustache

I’ve settled on a look for my graffiti tag, here it is:Of course since this is done in MS Paint, it’s noticeably more messy than it would be in real life. I’ve done a bit of thinking, and I decided on a stencil I like. I’m going to be using this:

I’m planning on stenciling the faces of some political figures (or some well known icons) and putting the cross-hairs over their faces. This’ll also be pretty useful for fucking with ads that have people’s faces on them.

I felt like shit this morning, so I’m staying home sick today. I’ll be backpacking this whole weekend, so I’m hoping I’ll feel better by then.

Today is Cinco de Mustache! For those who don’t know what Cinco de Mustache is, here’s a link to the Less Than Jake song that spawned it. The last twenty seconds should have the Cinco de Mustache clip. I’ve evaded shaving what little facial hair I have for the purpose of having something close to a mustache for today, so it’s kind of a bust that I ended up staying home.

But I have something to definitely be happy about. I’m going to see Reel Big Fish and Streetlight Manifesto together on tour this Summer. FUCK. YES.
I loved Catch 22, and some of Streetlight, so that’ll be fun. But my main excitement is for RBF. They were my first ska band, so I think it’ll be a real ‘coming full circle’ thing to see them. I’m going with Kelan, the show is on July 21, I’m so fucking stoked. I haven’t been to a concert since Less Than Jake, so this’ll be really refreshing.

I’ll be continuing with the street art updates, so if you give a fuck, stay posted.

About AckTheSack

Follow the misadventures of a 15-year-old Ska kid as he stumbles through high school, love, and teh interwebz! /end sarcasm I'm another high school kid with unpopular and controversial political opinions, an unhealthy obsession with video-games, and an immense love for Ska music. I want to be a writer someday, so I figure that sharing my idiotic thoughts with the world might be good practice for that. I'd love any subscriptions, and I'll try to make sure I post daily.
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