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Damn you, Scientology.

Seeing the House in session today was awesome. They were debating on the National Budget, so we got to see angry old men argue about shit that gets them riled up. Good fun. Nancy Pelosi  spoke, so now I can … Continue reading

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I love men who love penis, don’t you?

So, today I get the joy of writing my Gay Rights Bill for tomorrow’s model Congress in Civics class. I’ve gotten plenty of shit for supporting gay rights, so this should bring me to a whole new level of bigoted hatred. Hater’s … Continue reading

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Libya and love (?)

So, I saw Mary today. I pokerfaced and pretended nothing was wrong or awkward, and everything went fine. No feeling of awkwardness or any shit. Fuck yeah. Katie talked with her friend who’s tight with both of them, and apparently … Continue reading

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