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Incoming idiotic stories, prepare yourself.

I’ve been really busy lately, and have had no time to post. On Friday I worked at the local Relay For Life, a 24 hour cancer walk. I was there with my Boy Scout troop, so I have many stories … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mustache

I’ve settled on a look for my graffiti tag, here it is:Of course since this is done in MS Paint, it’s noticeably more messy than it would be in real life. I’ve done a bit of thinking, and I decided … Continue reading

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Worthless “I’m still alive” post

I passed my Driver’s Test today. I’m torn with excitement that I can drive, and the fact that I hate driving and it is no fun. I can finally get away from my family and go wherever I damn well … Continue reading

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Odyssey of the Mind World, bitches

This weekend was pretty awesome. I’m splitting it up into two posts because each topic varies so differently. Here, I’ll talk about Saturday. Yesterday was Michigan’s State Competition for Odyssey  of the Mind. For those who don’t know what OM is, you … Continue reading

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Mr. Mask: Masked Vigilante

So I basically sorted out my angsty teenager bullshit. Katie decided not to give a fuck about Mary, so now we’re all happy. Fuck the police. But now, if I may introduce to you… Yes, Mr. Mask. Mr. Mask has … Continue reading

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Sly Cooper is a good way to end Spring Break.

So, today is the last day of Spring Break. Rageface like you cannot believe. But I was busy in these few days that I haven’t been posting. Kelan and Calvin came back from Costa Rica to share their weed-smoking adventures, … Continue reading

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MS Paint sex.

So, I’ve noticed that my blog gets more views when I wait a day or two to make a new post, so I’m now going to wait a day or two between posts. My story has come along nicely, I’m … Continue reading

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