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Hobopalooza, angry art, and Child Protective Services

Today I did something good for once. Shocking, I know. I helped out at a carnival for the less fortunate in a sketchy part of town. So a homeless carnival. For church.  Yes, very out of character for me. And I … Continue reading

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Underage (almost) sex, woohoo!

So today is my second post about the weekend. Yesterday was great, and is the day I’ll be covering here. After my OM team had a celebratory dinner after competition, we all went home. Kelan got dropped off at my … Continue reading

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Angst, angst, and more angst.

I usually don’t feel guilty about bad things I do, but right now I feel awful. I really can’t explain how horrible I feel right now. Katie called Mary to try and patch things up, and Mary told her that … Continue reading

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Libya and love (?)

So, I saw Mary today. I pokerfaced and pretended nothing was wrong or awkward, and everything went fine. No feeling of awkwardness or any shit. Fuck yeah. Katie talked with her friend who’s tight with both of them, and apparently … Continue reading

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Generic first post.

I’ll start this post off with an apology for my (more likely than not) newfaggotry. To put this post in summary (also known as an outline) I’ll let you know what important topics I’ll be covering: None. Only trivial little … Continue reading

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