OM and cancer, totally related.

I’m finally writing another post, even though I really don’t have time for this.

I just got back from Odyssey of the Mind World Finals at Maryland University, it was awesome. Our score was shit-tastic, but I had fun, so that’s all that really matters to me. My team befriended a team from Saginaw, MI; one of the girls and I got along pretty well, but I was good and stuck with Katie. It was an overall amazing experience, I loved it.

And of course, I set things on fire while I was there. My costume for our skit was literally a burlap sack, so it was itchy as hell. Once we no longer needed it, I decided that fucker had to die. I took my costume to a corner away from the CCTV camera at about midnight, and took out a can of Axe and a lighter. I made a ghetto flamethrower, and made sure that God-forsaken costume died a fiery death. The flames reached the height of my chest eventually, so I guess you could say it got a bit out of hand.

And there was the Relay For Life the weekend before this most recent one, definitely a good time. My mother has breast cancer, so it made sense for me to volunteer at a cancer walk through my Scout troop.
But just because I volunteered doesn’t mean I intend to work.
The walk was at the local library right in town, so Kelan and I got a few of our friends to show up. We periodically snuck off during the event to walk to the gas station for drinks, which eventually got us in a bit of trouble.
You see, our scoutmaster is 77 years old. (Nice dubs, bro) He fought in the 101st Airborne  in Korea, and was an assistant prison warden for many years.  Basically, he can see into your soul. God cannot save you.

He caught on to us leaving pretty quickly, and although he didn’t have enough proof to convict us per se, he read us the riot act, and basically told us that he was extremely pissed. We’re pretty sure he’s killed people before, so we complied.

Scoutmaster's conversation with us in a nutshell.

I only have two weeks of school left, it’s kinda weird to think about. Two more days this week, then four next. Freshman year has been one of the most difficult years of my life in all aspects, so it’s good to finally have it come to a close.

I’ll be spending the first week of Summer Vacation on Mackinac Island in northern Michigan for Scouts, so I can’t wait for that.
It feels good to finally get back to posting, hopefully the upcoming Exam Week won’t anal rape me too badly to write. Here’s to hoping so.


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