Today I finally managed to get my hands on some spray-paint! For most people, obtaining paint is no large feat, but for an underage amateur graffiti-artist, this is pretty much the shit.

Seeing as I was pretty much left with no one to hang out with today, and therefore nothing to do, I basically sat around my house all day doing absofuckinglutely nothing.

My family told me that they were leaving for two hours, so I had the idea to walk the 10 minutes it takes me to get into town and see if I could get some paint. I had a feeling the local hardware store wouldn’t sell any to me since I’m a minor, so I utilized my resources.
I called an 18-year-old to buy it for me.

I called my friend Jess (whom I haven’t seen since December since she’s been off at college) , and asked if she’d buy me some spray-paint. Jess reluctantly agreed, and showed up about 20 minutes after I called her.
The hardware store had just closed when we finally walked over to it, so we hauled our asses to Wal-Mart instead.

After Jess secured my paint for me, she dumped me next to a bridge and drove off home since her dad apparently needed her, leaving me with my canvas to paint.

I hadn’t really settled on a tag until today, but I finally found a name I like:
I decided to tag with the name Kite. It’s short, and I always used it as my username for everything when I was younger since Kite is the name of the main character in the .hack video-game series. I threw up a tag or two to see how I liked it, and it was easy enough to write.
I only got a few things up though, since people started wandering over.
I finished tagging “Just love.” on some concrete when I heard some people talking and walking over, so I hauled ass and sprinted home across the bridge. I hid my paint in the garage amongst our other assorted aerosol cans as not to have it discovered, and decided to call it a night.

As you might be able to tell by my title though, I love Banksy. His street-art documentary, Exit Through The Gift Shop, is what got me interested in street-art. My best friend Kelan got me into both street-art and Banksy, and it’s really something else. Painting something up on a wall and knowing that it’s there permanently and that people will see it is a great feeling. And the anonymity of graffiti means that if you paint something really shitty, no one can call you out on it.
Graffiti is done neither for critical acclaim nor monetary gain, so therefore it is the purest form of art.
I really believe this. If more people viewed graffiti as art instead of trashy vandalism, I think more people could enjoy art in general. Oh well.

I’ll end this post with one of my favorite of Banksy’s pieces. Fuck authority.

Banksy on politics


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3 Responses to BITCH, I’M BANKSY

  1. kiwikar says:

    I absolutely agree with your views on graffiti. But then I also see pointless graffiti (like only a “fuck”) on beautiful old buildings. Or there is a wall where they are actually allowed and then there are the empty cans and other trash all over the place. To me sadly this takes away a lot of the joy when I see a really nicely done graffiti.

  2. alecjuarez says:

    Thanks for the comment!

    I try to avoid painting on noticeably nice structures, and I try to keep my art intelligent or meaningful. I’m guilty of throwing up just a tag every now and then, but I try to avoid that. I went back to the bridge today and painted, “Someone misses you.” I generally hope that if people see my pieces, it can at least make them smile and think.

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