‘Arthur’ Movie Review

I just got back from seeing Arthur at the theater. This is a re-make of the 80’s classic, which forever holds a place in my heart. Russel Brand played the titular character in this iteration, and despite my previous bias, I though that he did a very good job.
But the star of Arthur, in my opinion, is Arthur’s butler (or nanny in the remake) , Hobson. Hobson is a snobby Brit, and John Gielgud’s original performance won him an Oscar, and was hysterical. Hellen Mirren took up the role this time, and it was still pretty damn funny. No one can ever hope to outdo Gielgud, but Mirren was a good mix of snobby and sympathetic. My only critique of her acting was that the original Hobson was a bit more snobby, cynical, and rude, but since this is a remake after all, I guess that maybe they didn’t want her trying to play the exact same character.
Arthur’s love interest, Naomi (name change this time around) wasn’t much to write home about.  I don’t know the actress’s name, nor do I care enough to learn it. Liza Manelli played the role originally, so this bitch had no chance to outdo her. Basically, whenever she came on-screen, no fucks were given.
Well, at least from my part.
This film was a bit more campy and goofy than the original, but is still definitely worth going to see.
Overall, I’d give the 2011 iteration of Arthur a solid 8.9/10.

I saw the film with my girlfriend, Katie. I met her parents today, and they seemed to approve of me. It made me really happy, as seen in my previous post, Katie and I really feel strongly about each other.
I think I’m definitely going to stick to this girl, she’s really something else.

So this is my first attempt at a review, while short and not detailed on the plot, I hope this’ll be helpful to people considering going to see the film.


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