Underage (almost) sex, woohoo!

So today is my second post about the weekend. Yesterday was great, and is the day I’ll be covering here.

After my OM team had a celebratory dinner after competition, we all went home. Kelan got dropped off at my house to sleep over for the night right afterwards, so we had a good time fucking around all night.
We watched The Big Lebowski, played Call Of Duty: Black Ops even though we hate that game, and opened up the glowsticks I’d gotten earlier that day. We turned out every light in my basement and took off our pants to have a lightsaber duel at 2 AM, it was the shit.

The next morning, Sunday, we hung out with Katie all day. It was really great, I hadn’t had any alone time at all for 4 weeks, so we had our fun. My mom had left the house, so Kelan played video-games in the basement (or so he told us at the time) while we fucked around in my bed. Most of the time he watched us.
We’ve only really gotten a chance to make out until now, so Sunday was fucking amazing. We started out just making out as usual, until we noticed Kelan standing in the doorway staring at us creepily. I shut the door, and shooed him off to play Black Ops.
Katie’s top came off almost instantly, so that was of course the shit. Awesome, awesome tits.  Seriously, boobs are the most fun toy in the world, any straight guy can attest to that.
Anyway, make out with tits out for a few minutes, my pants come off. Katie starts blowing me. Sweet Jesus, I’ve been blown before, but that was an amazing experience solely because I actually really care about her.
After a few minutes of that, I slid my hand down her pants to finger her. I love when girls moan, so this was like the most beautiful orchestra in the world to me. After she came, I kind of ended up on top of her. I had no pants on. She was ass naked. We kind of looked at each other, and she broke the silence and said it.

“So… Do you want to do it?” She said with a scared breath. I looked at her longingly, and we had a good five minute discussion of us going back and forth trying to decide whether to have sex or not.
In the end, she told me it was my decision. I decided not to.
Now, if you know me, this is beyond out of character for me: This is fucking alien. But I want to make this relationship last. I want to take things slowly so that we don’t do anything we regret.

And y’know, I think I made the right decision. If anyone reads this, please comment whether you think I was a dumbass or made the right choice.

I love this girl. I’ve been terrified to use that word, but I finally did. And I think it was right. I want to make this moment special. I don’t want to fuck her, I want to make love to her.

And I can wait a while for that moment to come. And I hope that when it does, I’ll be ready.


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Follow the misadventures of a 15-year-old Ska kid as he stumbles through high school, love, and teh interwebz! /end sarcasm I'm another high school kid with unpopular and controversial political opinions, an unhealthy obsession with video-games, and an immense love for Ska music. I want to be a writer someday, so I figure that sharing my idiotic thoughts with the world might be good practice for that. I'd love any subscriptions, and I'll try to make sure I post daily.
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3 Responses to Underage (almost) sex, woohoo!

  1. kiwikar says:

    Aww that’s really sweet of you. Now I don’t know her and I am sure she is very special to you but I damn well hope she appreciates what you did there. Not many guys would have done that. You got my respect for that!

    Btw. I subscribed. My childhood was kinda tame I guess so I really like your blog ^^.

    • gigi says:

      “So… Do you want to do it?” She said with a scared breath.
      Key word: scared

      You did the right thing for all the reasons you can think of.

  2. alecjuarez says:

    Thanks, I really appreciate the commentary! I’ll be doing my best to keep my blog updated, I’m graduating Driver’s Ed this week, so I’ll be free pretty soon.

    I wouldn’t call me childhood wild, but I’ll admit to making a few more bad decisions than the next kid. :3

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