Sly Cooper is a good way to end Spring Break.

So, today is the last day of Spring Break. Rageface like you cannot believe. But I was busy in these few days that I haven’t been posting. Kelan and Calvin came back from Costa Rica to share their weed-smoking adventures, good fun.

We hung out in town for a few days, and a new era was born. The era of Cain.
You see, Cain is a rusty pipe and what I believe to be re-bar.  I found these items, bent the re-bar, and put it inside of the 3 foot long rusty pipe to create something that looks like the cane that Sly Cooper carries in the Sly Cooper video games.
It looks something like this.

I decided to spell his (yes, Cain is a living entity, bitches) name as Cain, in honor of that douchebag in the Bible who kills his brother, Abel.
Cain is basically who I speak through to say all of the unspeakably horrible things that I think. I do this by saying things like, “Cain thinks we should build a giant shutter to cover the sun, then open and close it quickly to kill all of the epileptics of the world.”

I would also demand that I carry Cain all around town, and needed him to be able to perform everyday tasks. I’d open doors with him, pick shit up – Basically, I pissed everyone off with Cain, and it was so fucking fun.

I might be taking Katie shopping today to buy clothes for her friend’s party this weekend, and Kelan and I will be derping around town this afternoon since it’s 70 degrees outside.

But typing that Cain looked like Sly Cooper’s cane brings back memories of said video game.  I started gaming when I was 6, and Sly was one of the first games I owned. To this day, the Sly Cooper series forever holds a special place in my heart. I still remember long days of playing the original Sly nonstop even though I’d already beaten it.
Sly 2:Band of Thieves was my favorite of the series, though. The original focused on the mysterious, owl-like enemy Clockwork toward the end of the game, but Sly 2 focused on him for just about the whole game. The mechanical bird was a fantastic antagonist, and always drew me in.
Sly 3 was still a strong entry, but not as good as the others. It wrapped up the story of each character by bringing almost all of them back, yet it managed to do so in a good fashion.

I’m still waiting for a Sly 4 though. Sly’s developer, Suckerpunch, made inFAMOUS. inFAMOUS’s Cole had some very Sly-like animations, which makes me think that the game might have originally started out as Sly 4. inFAMOUS 2 releases June 7, so we’ll see if after that we get a fourth chapter in the Sly franchise.

Until then, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be consuming my life~


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