MS Paint sex.

So, I’ve noticed that my blog gets more views when I wait a day or two to make a new post, so I’m now going to wait a day or two between posts.

My story has come along nicely, I’m pretty happy with it. Kelan and Calvin got back from Costa Rica about 10 minutes ago, so I’ll have a fun night hearing their stories of idiocy.

Pretty short post, worthless reading-wise. I drew Katie a picture of us fucking today. (in MS Paint, of course)

Shit was pretty cash. Pic related.


About AckTheSack

Follow the misadventures of a 15-year-old Ska kid as he stumbles through high school, love, and teh interwebz! /end sarcasm I'm another high school kid with unpopular and controversial political opinions, an unhealthy obsession with video-games, and an immense love for Ska music. I want to be a writer someday, so I figure that sharing my idiotic thoughts with the world might be good practice for that. I'd love any subscriptions, and I'll try to make sure I post daily.
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