Damn you, Scientology.

Seeing the House in session today was awesome. They were debating on the National Budget, so we got to see angry old men argue about shit that gets them riled up. Good fun.
Nancy Pelosi  spoke, so now I can say that I’ve seen/heard that. My Conservative, Republican dad had to restrain himself from leaping from the balcony to strangle her, so I started spouting Liberal/Libertarian propaganda at him. Trololololololol

The National Air And Space Museum was really a sight to see. The thrusters from old Saturn V rockets were enormous, and there were some 1:1 scale models of WWII-era nukes.
In the basement of the gift shop there was a whole section of Star Wars paraphernalia, so I took a photo with a Yoda backpack. Pic related.

I noticed that the closer we got to a museum or National Monument, the population density of school-groups on field trips increased. So I got the pleasure of being stared at by every 12-year-old scene girl within a one mile radius of my location. Pimpin’ ain’t easy, bro.

And on my walk back to our hotel, I had the pleasure of passing by the FUCKING FOUNDING CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. I’m hoping to find somewhere to purchase a Guy Fawkes mask so that I can give the Scienfags a piece of my mind, so we’ll see how that goes.
I really, really hate Scientology.

No sight of any street art today, booooo. I did find out that the hotel I’m staying at (the Washington Hilton) is where Regan was shot, and we checked in yesterday, the day after the anniversary of his shooting. Creepy.

By the way, my blog jumped from 1 or 2 views a day to 20 today so like, holy shit. Whoever’s reading this, please continue to do so, comment, subscribe? Thank you~

And now I’m off to dinner at an Italian restaurant, so I’ll post again tomorrow.

Yoda backpack

Me with a Yoda backpack, this is.


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