Roadtrips: Forever alone.

Road trips: Hell, but an oddly enjoyable hell.
Today I had the pleasure of driving to Washington, DC with my parents and brother. I dragged my laptop along with me so that I’d have something to do the whole time, resulting in nonstop Minecraft and MS Paint murals.

Jesus, I love MS Paint. I’m a shit-tier artist, and was working with a trackpad on bumpy roads the whole time, so my drawings were hilariously¬†atrocious. At one point I would only communicate with my family by scribbling something into MS Paint. This lasted about an hour, and resulted in many slaps upside the head.
I bought a new pair of headphones right before we left, and I’m loving them~ They’re a Skullcandy Hesh model, and although my last Skullcandies broke, this model is actually surprisingly good. Look at these bad muthafuckas.

I bought Less Than Jake’s album Anthem to right before we left so that I could listen to it on the road, and I was yet again pleased with LTJ’s ska-driven punk.

I watched 127 Hours with my dad on my computer, and I must say, I loved it. I’d heard about Aaron Ruslow’s event in the canyon before the movie was even announced, so it was really cool to see this a few years later. The camera angles were really good, and the movie cutting away to Aaron’s fantasies of escaping was a great example of storytelling, which really made for a strong, refreshing film. Highly recommended.
(In case you’re not sure, 127 Hours is the movie about a guy who gets his arm caught under a rock in a canyon by himself, and cuts off his own arm. Even after the nasty gore threads I’ve seen, it was still a pretty intense scene)

Related to my MS Paint adventures, I made a few Forever Alone comics in the car, the one attached being what’s really happening to me this Spring Break. My two best friends are gone in Costa Rica for most of the break, so I’ll be forever alone.

Our plans for the next few days are a Capital tour, seeing Congress in session, and exploring all of the billions of museums that DC has to offer. Seriously, there’s a museum for fucking everything. Tomorrow we might check out the Spy Museum, in which you get to undergo a simulation of changing your name, going through training, and other things one must do to become a spy.
So basically I get to play James Bond for a few hours tomorrow, which’ll of course be good fun.

While were at dinner tonight I saw a bit of street art, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for any other art I might see around the city. I love street art, so a big city should double as a giant outdoor art gallery for me. Weeeeee.

So all in all, successful day was successful. Hoping I’ll have time to post again tomorrow.

Forever Alone

My forever alone comic


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