As implied by the title of this post, I love Minecraft. I’ve been playing since January, and I mean that in the most literal way. I have only played Minecraft since I started. I started playing on Saturday of the weekend before Exam Week, so I totally fucked myself for every test. But it was totally worth it.

Seeing as I have an 8 hour drive from Micigan to DC for Spring Break, I’ll be pouring myself into my current Minecraft project on the ride there: A hotel and beach resort on an island. Thank fuck I have a laptop, shitty as it is.

My past projects include:

  • An island fortress with a tower consisting of 5 floors, some made of checkerboard designs via different colored wool, some entirely of glass, and others focused around book cases and paintings
  • A city with a bank, bunkhouse, giant flaming penis made of dirt and Netherrack, and a Triforce monument
  • And a small brick cabin in the middle of an open field for when I’m feeling vacation-y.

My current project is coming along fairly well, but I’m in serious need of resources. I’ve created a dense forest on the nearby land to harvest for wood, but even with Bonemeal it’s still tedious to constantly trek from my island to the shore, and back. But I’m doing ok. I refuse to play on Peaceful, but I’ll admit that I turned the difficulty down from the usual Normal to Easy. Yes, I had to be that big of a pussy.

But I think this’ll keep me busy for a good while, and I can begin work on a giant pink heart for Katie – Wait, did I just write that? Oh, silly me.

Anyway, the photo attached is of my current progress. I’ll keep the 3 people to have ever viewed my blog updated, so fear not.

My resort

My resort

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Follow the misadventures of a 15-year-old Ska kid as he stumbles through high school, love, and teh interwebz! /end sarcasm I'm another high school kid with unpopular and controversial political opinions, an unhealthy obsession with video-games, and an immense love for Ska music. I want to be a writer someday, so I figure that sharing my idiotic thoughts with the world might be good practice for that. I'd love any subscriptions, and I'll try to make sure I post daily.
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