I love men who love penis, don’t you?

So, today I get the joy of writing my Gay Rights Bill for tomorrow’s model Congress in Civics class. I’ve gotten plenty of shit for supporting gay rights, so this should bring me to a whole new level of bigoted hatred.
Hater’s gonna hate.

I’m thinking that in my bill I’ll address the legalization of gay marriage mainly, and also discrimination laws, IE denying one of a job because of their sexuality, lack of anti-bullying measures in schools, etc.


Yet again veering off track, the LGBT Day Of Silence is coming up. Now, I’ve sold shirts for the DOS, I am an active member of my school’s Gay-Straight-Alliance (I am straight), I have close gay friends, but – I myself will not be participating in the Day Of Silence protest.

For any who might not know what the Day Of Silence is (if anyone actually reads my blog), on April 15 protesters will not speak for an entire day, because apparently not talking educates people on tolerance toward homosexuality. See, I love my gay friends, but I hate the stupid form of protest that they’ve settled on.
(Also, DOS is nation-wide, not just in my area)
I say that if  we want people to be educated, a more direct approach is needed. I think that if kids were to see in, I don’t know, a quick TV clip on the TV announcements focused on gay teen suicide,  they might finally fucking get it.

Not talking achieves nothing. If people were more educated on these topics, maybe we could fucking achieve something.

I’m hoping to maybe educate kids a bit with my Gay Rights Bill tomorrow. Words are powerful, and people often don’t know that when they’re playing with such fire, other people are the ones who get burned.
Even more ironic is seeing the couple black kids we have in class laughing their asses off at the idea of giving gays rights. Only 50 years ago they were considered nothing but stupid niggers, and were made to leave restaurants and live in ghettos.

And don’t get me started on the Christians and Republicans, because that’s another long rant.


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