Libya and love (?)

So, I saw Mary today. I pokerfaced and pretended nothing was wrong or awkward, and everything went fine. No feeling of awkwardness or any shit. Fuck yeah. Katie talked with her friend who’s tight with both of them, and apparently Mary seriously hates Katie’s guts.

In other uninteresting news, I’m spending Spring Break in D.C. with my family. My dad secured some tickets to see Congress in session, so it’ll be a good time. Right now Justin Amash’s bill requesting the withdrawal of troops in Libya and a cease-fire is what has everyone in a shitstorm. I honestly couldn’t give two shits about Libya, the US is in way too much fucking debt to go play World Police in a revolutionary war.
And that’s exactly what this is, it’s a damn revolution. This shit gets messy, and we’re in way too much debt to be firing 123-ish cruise missiles on a country that won’t be really benefiting us any time soon.
I know, I know, “Oil prices, gas prices,” and of course, “HERP DERP DERP IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO, YOU HEARTLESS BASTARD.”

Here’s the thing: When the government decides to start basing their decisions on morality, I will have truly given up on the shitty country that we call the US. My sense of morals (or lack thereof) not only has no regard for the Libyans, I also would never do something so radical as to commit an act of war because of my goddamn morals. Libya is going to be crippled for a damn long time after this revolution, so they will not benefit us at all any time soon.

Like I said, I really don’t give a fuck about them.

And here’s what really burns my ass: Some dumbass representative from Michigan wants to create a no-fly-zone in Syria. Like we need more of this bullshit. We shouldn’t have to pay for the US to defend what’s left of their pride. We need to spend some damn time working on getting out of this debt, and less on some pissed off sand-niggers.

(No racist)
[‘No racist’ being similar to calling ‘no homo]


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